Meat Glaze 6.5oz (12 minimum)


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Product Overview: Glazing is a process that has been used by chefs all over the world. The characteristics of glazing meat or vegetables, you will notice a shiny or glassy coat on the exterior of the meat that you apply it too. This change in exterior appearance is mostly due to the sugar content used in the product. The sugars that we use are proprietary blends hence the uniqueness in the outer appearance once cooked in. The texture of the meat doesn’t change but it has a melt in your mouth feel. Most notably used on spiral hams that many people buy during the holidays.

Ingredients: salt, spices, molasses, sugar and garlic.

Application of Use: As previously stated in the product overview our blend is not only great for glazing hams it is also a hit for glazing carrots, and apples. Here is where it gets interesting, it is very good on strawberries, yes strawberries!! I’ll say no more about this product, try it and see for yourself and I’ll wait to here from your experiences!!


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