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Cambridge Spice Company, LLC offers custom blended spices under the brand name of, CECIL'S RUBBA YA'. Our spice blends are being used daily in a variety of dishes...

It was for the love of Barbecue that Cecil and Ervina Johnson decided that good smoked meats must have a great seasoning to complement the fantastic BBQ sauce that they used to slather over thier smoked ribs and chicken.

Our customers love our spice blends, they tell us that BBQ is not the only dish they use our spices on. Our blends cross a mulitude of food categories and cultures like, Jamaican Jerk, Indian Curry, American and Itailan to name a few.

The only way for you to experience the difference between our blends and the blends that you are currently using is to try one and see for yourself, so "Buy Now" and let us know how much you love our spice blends too!!


Crab Blend FSA photo

Crab Blend 32oz –


Blackening FSA photo

Blackening Seasoning 22oz

$19.99 $14.99

Jerl FSA photo

Jerk Seasoning 30oz


Original FSA photo

Original Blend 32oz




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Martin Keith McConville

We love it.. we were given it as a gift and it is great. We use it on everything

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